Painless Dentistry

Needles, Injections, Drills and its noise are the most common fear factors about a dental treatment. Many people postpone their dental treatment or never treat at all due to this fear. Technology is advancing, science also. Today there are various painless anaesthetic systems for painless injections. Once the area to be treated is numb, there will not be any pain or sensitivity during treatment. You can enjoy a relaxed treatment. We use two world class painless anaesthetic systems.

1. Dental Vibe

It is an instrument when placed near the injection site during injection, produces a specific frequency vibration, the sensation of which bye passes the pain sensation reaches the brain. So pain sensation is paralysed during the period. As we inject in a topically anesthetised skin using gel or spray, there will not be any pain.


Usually more pain occurs when the doctor injects the drug with high pressure than when the needle is inserted.

This is a computer aided injection system. Once the needle is inserted this machine detects the pressure of the injection site and releases the dug slowly based on the pressure. The speed of injection is controlled by computer. Since we are inserting the needle on a topically anesthetised area, there will not be any pain during the injection. It is also proved that the amount of numbness at the injection site is much more than the regular injections. So we can anesthetise only the tooth to be treated instead of the entire jaw and can resume your work immediately after treatment as there is no numbness of lips or toungue for most of the injections.

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