As we always say 'prevention is better than cure' is true in dentistry too. Most of the dental problems can be prevented if you are a regular visitor to a dentist who is not a problem solver, but a problem detector before it start making troubles.

A six month check up and a teeth cleaning can help you live with your own teeth for ever.

The major preventive measures we use at our clinic are:

1. Regular check up & Cleaning
We advise our clients to visit a dental clinic every six months have a check up done and do a cleaning. Cleaning removes all tartar and stains and keeps the teeth shiny and gums healthy.
During the cleaning if there is any early stage cavities, they are detected and filled. Cavities filled at the primary stages have good life than big fillings involving multiple surfaces.

2. Flouride application
This is a simple procedure by which the doctor applies a fluoride containing gel to the teeth using a special tray and keep it in position for a few minutes and repeats it at an interval of 3 months.

3. Pit and fissure sealants
The back teeth or molars are more prone to cavities than front teeth. There are grooves and pits in the surface of molar teeth. If these pits and fissures are very deep, there are chances of food particles especially sweet get trapped there and cause cavities. These deep pits and fissures cannot be cleaned by normal brushing and flossing.
Pit and fissure sealing is a preventive treatment to avoid cavities through pits and fissures.This can be done in children as well as adults. It is advisable to do in children of parents with more cavities as these children are more susceptible to cavities.
The doctor opens and cleans the deep and shallow pits and fissures and fills this area with composite resin or Glass Ionomer cement. Once this is sealed, there will not be any trapped food debris and there by prevent cavities.

4. Preventive orthodontics
Orthodontics is not only for cosmetic treatments. It is a preventive treatment too. Crowded or mal aligned teeth are always difficult to clean. These teeth become accumulated with tartar and calculus and will cause cavities and gum infections. To prevent such conditions, orthodontic treatment is done to align the teeth and keep them easily cleanable and healthy.
Some orthodontic as well as orthopaedic procedures are done at young ages to prevent severe deformities at later stages.

5. Myofunctional Appliances
These are custom fabricated appliances to prevent some dental and or skeletal problems which can be easily and effectively done only at this stage. Some examples are l crossbite, cases where bone expansion is needed etc.
These are also used to break some unwanted habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, lip biting etc.

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