NRI Services

NRI Services

 Keralites who work abroad always finds it difficult to take care of their Dental problems as the treatments are not affordable and is not covered by Insurance in most of the countries.

They come to kerala for annual vacations or personal functions or festivals. Usually the vacations are 30 days or less. Its impossible to get quality dental treatment during this short span of time if you does not plan your treatments in advance.

We have an online consulting facility which enables the clients to contact the doctor directly, discuss their problems ,upload their dental and medical records, X-rays, Medications etc and plan the treatment.

Once the treatment is planned, appointments can be booked online or over phone for the entire program. So you can plan other activities during the vacation accordingly.

This will help you in getting quality treatments on time.

Fast treatment

Usually dental treatments are done step by step at various sittings. We take care to complete maximum possible treatments in minimum sittings. We have also arrangements with labs and technicians for speedy delivery of completed works. Our anaesthetic system also allows treatment at various parts of mouth in one sitting. We have an in house Laboratory to do most of the preparatory works which also saves lot of time.

Online Consulting

We have designed our website to help our NRI Clients to consult with the doctor, evaluate the oral conditions , Share X-Rays, Photos and other documents with the doctor and decide upon a treatment plan well in advance.

The appointments also can be fixed in advance so that you can complete the entire procedures as planned earlier.

Online Appointments

Even if you are not able to plan your treatments before, you can fix an appointment in advance and do the treatment planning during the first visit. This will save lot of time and effort as calling the clinic during working hours and fixing an appointment is often difficult mainly due to the time zone difference.


If needed we can provide hotel accommodation in and around Thodupuzha at very reasonable prices.


Thodupuzha is a town sitting in the lap of Nature. We have major tourist destinations in and around. We can arrange day trips or overnight trips to these places during your treatment.

1. Munnar

This is the most popular hill station in Kerala. Its about 90 kilometres from thodupuzha. We can arrange a day trip or overnight trip to munnar with good hotels according to our treatment plan.

2. Thekkady

Its about 100 kilometres from Thodupuzha. We can plan an overnight tour to Thekkady with boating elephant ride, spice walk, forest walk or enjoying our traditional art forms.

3. Kumarakom

Kumarakom is a global destination. The houseboats are world renowned. A day trip with day cruise or an overnight stay at a houseboat can be arranged.

4. Idukki

Idukki is only 55 Kilometres from Thodupuzha. You can have wonderful trip to Idukki arch dam, The hilltop garden and Kalyanathandu and come back to thodupuzha or stay at Kulamavu, one of the upcoming destinations in the district.

5.  Wagamon

The fastest growing tourist destination in the area. Only 35 kilometres from thodupuzha. Ideal for a day tour or overnight tour. There are many new resorts and hotels in wagamon.

6. Kulamavu

It’s an upcoming destination near Thodupuzha. With only 30 kilometres its an ideal location for a day trip or for an overnight stay at an exotic resort .

7.  Thommankuthu

Its a renowned water fall at around 25 kilometres from Thodupuzha. Ideal for daytrip.

8. Cochin

A one day shopping trip or sightseeing trip can be arranged to cochin. More destinations and customized tours can be arranged as per request. 

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